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  A very useful addition to the Optometrists armoury was added a few years ago by the Welsh Assembly Government.   Previously someone had to be registered Sight Impaired  ( SSI or the old definition was Partial Sight ) or Significantly Sight Impaired (SSI or blind  in the old definition) before help was available via the local hospital eye department.  This meant that several years had often elapsed before the condition could be managed. By then a significant number of patients  had given up on many precision visual tasks.

  Now the provision of help is available through community optical practices at a much lower level of visual impairment.  I am pleased to say that Wyman Optician is one of the accredited practices and the service is available from both Sarah & David Phillips.  We hope Sarra Lau will be among the next intake of Optometrists to be accredited.

   As well as a thorough assessment of the problem ( much more detailed than the current NHS  sight test) aids including additional lighting are available on permanent loan at no charge to the patient.  Each year there is an annual review to ensure that the aids are still performing or whether a new or upgraded aid is required.   This has proved to be a vital service for the ageing community and helps people retain their independence to a much greater degree than was previously possible.

    If you know of anyone you think may benefit from this service.  Ask them to get in touch for an assessment.   It can often change lives by ensuring a greater level of independance in the older community.